07:52 AM

Thursday, July 25, 2024


I was sitting in Honeywell Hall, when I got a call. That statue at Founder’s Square had been stolen! The caller [It was Augie] sounded a lot like Scooby Doo. I had to investigate. I put on my detective’s cap and headed to Founder’s Square. Dean sat there, waiting for me. I asked him some questions. He told me the statue had been taken with great precision. It had been cut off in one straight line. I searched for evidence around the fountain. The giant fish left a trail of marble. I followed it to Puzzle’s Pizza.

I ordered a slice, and sat down with the owner. “So, do you have anything to do with the statue robbery?” The owner threw his hands up. “How would I know!?” I calmed him down. Munching on my pizza, I thought about the statue. Who would have taken it? I looked at my slice. I threw it down on the plate. “That’s it!” With my super llama speed, I ran to the dumpster. “Spinoza, you’re under arrest for the theft of the Founder’s Square statue.” “I’ll only give you the statue if you give me a fine kettle of fish.” He smiled slyly and ran into the dumpster. Before he could escape, I grabbed him and yanked him out. Casey Dillo came running, out of breath, and captured the fiendish raccoon. The AU police team reclaimed the statue a few hours later. Case closed! Da End

Dean's List

Some SUPER Students:

  • Jacob #56580
  • Mint #76102
  • Jay-Sean # 62745
  • Feather #83547
  • Bridey #84895
  • Sam #101754
  • Mikayla #102361
  • Amaranth #102851
  • Panterstar #99623
  • Sigil #103207
  • Stray #103584

Rover's Report

Animals Open Season

Coach Rover Bannister reports the AU Animals will open the 2015-2016 sports season with a roar. “We’re gonna lead the pack in the NCAAA,” said the coach. Go Animals and good luck this season!

Woof & Wail


I stood out by the Statue at Founders Square, eating a delicious piece of pizza from Puzzle’s Pizzeria when Scooby Doo had zoomed over to me, his large Dane body shaking as he screeched, “the fine kettle of fish had been stolen from the cooks kitchen! Help me, Arsen! Aug-Dog is sick and I don’t know what to do!”

I pondered for a second, swallowing the last of the pizza as I then smirked, an idea ringing from within my brain. “Fine, but only for twenty AU Bux.” Scooby had reluctantly agreed, rolling his eyes as he practically dragged me to the main kitchen, a wolf-ish grin on my doggy-slobbered lips, excited to earn more money today to help a few of my friends get some decorations for their dorm in Honeywell Hall.

Once we had arrived to the large cafeteria, wolves wondered around everywhere, Scooby and I looking out of place; except for the few other animals that were around either reading or doing some ridiculous actions.


Audrey's Dish


Hi All! Audrey here!

Well, it’s fast becoming the end of the summer! I know many Animals have already returned to RL school and many more will be starting between now and the day after Labor Day.

Hope you all had a fun Summer here! I know Augie and other Animals did their best to offer fun events, contests and socializing – and the fun isn’t over!

Be SURE to enter OFFAL’s ART CONTEST and…

Look for the HALLOWEEN DESIGN event starting soon and be SURE to submit a design!

Good luck in RL school and come back here to finish your Master’s Degrees. More Classes are going up soon!

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